Ranker's Package for JEE Main

For 12th/12th pass students
  • 2
  • 365 Days
  • 2500/-   1500/-

Target Exam:  JEE Main 2021

About Course:

  1. Objective of Ranker’s Package is to provide quick and effective revision of syllabus by touching all important concept which might have passed unnoticed during routine revision.
  2. Collection of approx 3000 important questions based on application of concepts covering the entire JEE- Main Syllabus
  3. The Answer Key & Hints/Solutions are given for the important problems.
  4. Unit wise segregation of questions for better preperation.
  5. Practing these questions improves student’s temperament to face questions with confidence.
  6. Prepared by Experts Faculty having more than 2 decade experience.

Course Content:

  1. Physics, Chemistry & Maths Revision Package Booklets with Solutions
  2. 2 Full Syllabus Tests as per the latest examination trend
  3. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Formula Handbook

Dispatch: Immidiate to all location (Except Red Zone are due COVID-19) 

For assitance mail - dlp@cpil.in