Live Target Course for NEET 2022 (Phase - 2)

For XII Pass | Long Term Course | Class Starts 29th Sep

    Price:95000/-   85000/-

About Course: This course is designed for students who have passed class 12th and now can devote whole time for preparation for competitive examination. This course includes detailed coverage of theory in a sequential and rigorous manner, doubt removal session (interactive two-way audio-video over zoom), regular test series, and feedback on performance to develop the logical problem-solving approach, competence, and the winning attitude which is essential to succeed in NEET.  With personal attention by a group of the best faculty in the country, this course fills the missing link in your concepts so that students can meet the NEET exam head-on with full confidence. 

  1. Eligibility: Class XII pass students
  2. Course Duration: Till Final Exam 2022
  3. Class Starts: 29th September 2021. Late joining will get all previous lectures videos etc.
  4. Course Fee: 
    1. Lump-Sum (One Time): Rs.85,000/- including Tax for a full course. Printed study Material shall be provided to students who pay fee in Lump-Sum.
    2. Installment Plan: Three, Five and Eight installments fee plan is also available, Select at the time of checkout. Printed Study Material will not be given to students who opt for installment plan.
    3. Scholarship: Upto 90% based on past academic performacne. For details click here.
  5. How to get Scholarship: mail your details (Name, contact number) to OR call 080-47250011.
  6. Demo Lectures: Please visit the Video Section. 
  7. Medium of Coaching: Mix (English & Hindi). Recommended for those students who write exam in English/Hindi & comfortable in Hindi.  
  8. Late Joining: Those who join late will get all earlier video lectures, DPPS and Exercise sheet etc.

Option to switch to offline classes: We also offer a Hybrid courses. Students can join offline classes after lockdown. In that case, the student has to pay a difference fee.

Notice Board of Target Course for NEET 2022


Time Table for Live Classes

Monday to Saturday

10:00 - 11:00 AM Biology
(Dr. AJ Ma'am)
11:15 - 12:15 PM Physics
(RSB Sir)
12:30 – 01:30 PM Chemistry
(AK Sir)


Time Table for Doubt Classes






02:00-03:00 PM



02:00-03:00 PM



02:00-03:00 PM



02:00-03:00 PM



02:00-03:00 PM



02:00-03:00 PM
To know your batch please Download and follow the instructions in the given process.


04-Dec-2021 Today (04-Dec-2021)
Biology Class +  DC  has been cencelled due to AJ Maam not well.

Test Notice: Unit Test - 3
Date (Opening): 12-Dec-21 | Time: 12:00 PM
Date (Closing):   13-Dec-21 | Time: 11:00 AM

Paper Discussion: Chemistry | 13-Dec-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.
Paper Discussion: Physics | 14-Dec-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.
Paper Discussion: Biology  | 15-Dec-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.


           1. Physics -  Unit, Dimension and Error, Vector & Essential Mathematics, Motion in One Dimention, Projectile Motion.

           2. Chemistry - Basic Concept of Chemistry, Redox & volumatric, Gaseous State.

           3. Biology -  Neural Control & Coordination, Chemical Coordination & Integration, Living World.

Duration: 3 Hrs

Pattern: NEET

All the best !!


Test Notice: Unit Test - 2
Date (Opening): 21-Nov-21 | Time: 12:00 PM
Date (Closing):   22-NOV-21 | Time: 11:00 AM

Paper Discussion: Chemistry | 22-Nov-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.
Paper Discussion: Physics | 23-Nov-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.
Paper Discussion: Biology  | 24-Nov-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.


           1. Physics -  Prism, Refraction at Spherical Surface (Refraction at Curved Surface), Optical Instruments, Wave Optics                                                        (Interference).

           2. Chemistry - Solution and Colligative Properties, Chemical Kinetics,Electrochemistry.

           3. Biology -  Body Fluid & Circulation,Excretory Product & Their Elimination, Locomotion & Movement

Duration: 3 Hrs

Pattern: NEET

All the best !!

29-Oct-2021  This is to inform you that management has finalized the Diwali Holidays from 01-Nov-21 to 07-Nov-21, all the classes will be off in this period of time. Classes will resume from 08-Nov-21 (Monday).
We wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali.
Academic Department
Career Point

Test Notice: Unit Test - 1
Date (Opening): 31-Oct-21 | Time: 12:00 PM
Date (Closing):   01-NOV-21 | Time: 11:00 AM

Paper Discussion: Chemistry | 08-Nov-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.
Paper Discussion: Physics | 09-Nov-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.
Paper Discussion: Biology  | 10-Nov-21 | Time: 02:00 PM.


           1. Physics - Reflection at Plane Surface and Curved Surface, Refraction on Plane Surface, Prism, Refraction at Spherical Surface                                    (Refraction at Curved Surface).

           2. Chemistry - Solid State, Solution and Colligative Properties, Chemical Kinetics.

           3. Biology - Digestion & Absorption, Breathing and Exchange of Gases, Body Fluid & Circulation.

Duration: 3 Hrs

Pattern: NEET

All the best !!

 18-Oct-21   Today's (18-10-2021) Biology Class has been cancelled due to AJ Ma'am  not Well.

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Course Features

A. Coaching Methodology & Features: Same as Kota Coaching Methodology with advanced features to make coaching more personalised & result oriented. Few features are -  

  1. Live Interactives Classes
    • Live classes by top faculty members. 
    • Students can ask doubts during lectures using chat.
    • Smart Board is used to make lectures interactive.
    • Class Notes are provided for each class (in Pdf format).
  2. Daily Practice Problem Sheets (DPPS)
  3. Topicwise/chapterwise quizzes
  4. Exercise Sheets & solutions 
    • Provided in Pdf format to all students.
    • Printed Study Material Package & exercise sheets (Only for students who pays full course fee in one installment)
    • Live Exercise Sheets discussion classes.
  5. Doubt Solving Classes: Video conferencing based Live two-way Doubt Solving counter by subject mentors.
  6. Recorded Lectures: All lectures are recorded and available for revision or repeat study.
  7. Online Test Series with feedback 
    • Chapter Tests, Unit tests, Minor & full syllabus Major Tests
    • Live interactive classes for Test Discussion 
  8. Motivational Seminars: Live Motivational and guidance Session, Individual Mentoring, Parent-Teacher meet etc

B. Doubt Solving Classes

  1. Each admitted student will be allotted a batch. 

  2. Subject Experts will conduct batch-wise two-way interactive doubt solving classes over ecareerpoint platform.

  3. During doubt classes, student can speak and ask clarify doubts to grassroot level. 

  4. Experts will also provide mistake analysis, problem solving tips & personalized motivation. 

  5. Follow the path to know more details : Concept -> About Course -> Online Doubt Solving Counter

C.  Printed Study Material: 

  1. Printed Study Material shall be provided to only those students who pay full course fee in lump-sum. Please note Delivery of study material takes 10-20 days depending upon location hence students are advised to join early to get material timely.
  2. If you are opting for an installment plan and wish to procure Study Material then you may buy from Study Material Section of App.
Interested in this course ?


We have one-to-one doubt solving sessions with faculty members which helps the students get rid of their smallest doubts.

Daily quizzes conducted during the program help the candidates and faculty analyse their daily learning progress. Regular assessment tests help students to derive a picture of the depth of understanding and their analytical ability. The faculty members and the candidates can figure out ways to improve learning based on the assessment results.

Yes, all the subjects will be taught from basic to the advanced level considering the standard of the NEET 2022. Basic concepts and fundamentals will be thoroughly covered followed by problem-solving sessions.

Yes, the same renowned and experienced faculties of Career Point will deliver the LIVE/online classes who teach at our classroom centers.

At eCareerPoint teaching pedagogy is very effective and easy to understand. Highly experienced and renowned faculties will teach all the subjects; hence, the chances of doubts are minimal. However, every session has CHAT FACILITY, wherein the students can raise their doubts to the concerned faculty; these doubts will be addressed within 24 hours (subject to the availability of the faculty).

Regular online tests will be conducted once the subject is finished to ensure that the students can rectify their weaknesses and improve their performance. Also, students will be able to judge their performance in comparison to the other students who appeared for the exam. Hence, offering a competitive environment.

Live classes will be provided along with the facility to watch the lectures in recorded mode twice.

Yes, you can switch the device. However, you will only be able to access the videos on one device (mobile/tab/laptop, etc.) at a time. Besides, the desktop version is only available for Windows-based computers.