Vector & Essential Mathematics Micro Course for JEE

Every student should study to master Physics

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Course Introduction

About Course: It has been observed that large number of JEE aspirants find Physics a difficult subject. This happens because majority of them do have basic backgroud of Mathematics which is essential to learn Physics, as Phsyics is expressed in the language of mathematics.

Hence to master Physics,Career Point has prepared this course.

Course Content:

  • Video Lecture/Lecture Notes:
  • Lecture wise Daily Practice Problem Sheet with solutions
  • Exercise Sheet with solution

Syllabus Covered:

  • Lecture - 1 : Definition of Vector, Types of Vector, Representation of Vectors and Components
  • Lecture - 2 : Position Vector, Addition & Subtraction of Vectors
  • Lecture - 3 : Resolution of Vectors and its component, Direct cosines
  • Lecture - 4 : Multiplication of Vectors - Dot Porduct, Cross Product
  • Lecture - 5 : Function, Trignometry, Slope, Curve
  • Lecture - 6 : Differentiation, Rules of Differentiations, Chain Rule,
  • Lecture - 7 : Maxima-Minima, Application of Differentiation
  • Lecture - 8 : Indefinite integration, Definite Integration, Area under the Curve

Course Validity: 1 month

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