NCERT solutions for class 12 business studies chapter 8 – Controlling

NCERT Solutions of Business Studies Chapter 8 – Controlling

Download chapter 8 Controlling PDF solutions for free at eCareerPoint. Business Studies is a subject which is studied worldwide. Class 12 Business studies consist of 12 chapters. On eCareerPoint, students can download the NCERT Solutions of Chapter 8 Class 12 Business Studies in PDF Format for free. This study material helps students to revise all the concepts before their exams to score good marks. All the solutions provided here are prepared by the subject matter experts. The NCERT Solutions to the questions after every unit of NCERT textbooks aimed at helping students solving difficult questions.


In this chapter we study about basic controlling functions of the organisation. This chapter has its significance from exam point of view. Therefore these solutions are crafted by the best tecahers of Kota In order for you to score better you need to solve all the examples and case studies from NCERT. Moreover, these solutions are in accordance with NCERT pattern, written in an easy an understanable language. This not only helps you clear your fundamentals but also helps you to study business administration for future.Furthermore, the PDF solution carries broad range of questions and answers of the chapter. Download your solutions from below and explore other subjects of class 12 on eCareerPoint. 


Download Free PDF - Chapter - 8 Controlling

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NCERT solutions for class 12 business studies chapter 8 – Controlling