NCERT Solutions of Chapter-13 Direct and Inverse

NCERT Solutions of Maths Class 8 Chapter 13-Direct and Inverse Proportion

Download Class 8 NCERT Solutions for Maths of chapter 13 for your free PDF material from the links provided below at eCareerPoint. This chapter consist of daily life example and activities. In this chapter we will how different quantities are correlated with each other, directly or inversely. Therefore we will study their direct and inverse proportion in detail. It is a simple chapter as per class 8. 

The answers have been explained in a stepwise procedure. These answers are properly organized as per the questions according to the textbook. When these concepts are needed to be revised then these solutions come in handy. And most importantly our NCERT Solutions will help in enhancing your problem-solving skills. 

The answering pattern to all the questions has been kept in mind concerning the NCERT pattern. This keeps students up to date and developes willing to learn. These solutions are focused with an aim to provide a solid grasp over the fundamentals of this chapter. Download your solutions from and start preparing for your class 8 Maths right from the comfort of your home.


Download Free PDF-Chapter-13-Direct and Inverse Proportion

 Direct and Inverse Proportion Ch 13-:Download

NCERT Solutions of Chapter-13 Direct and Inverse