RD Sharma Solutions of Chapter 24 – The Circle

RD Sharma Solution of Class 11 Maths

The very first preference for the students who are in Class 11th and want to score good marks in exams is RD Sharma reference book. If you are also in class 11th and wants to prepare for the competitive exams, then you must follow this book. Now speaking of Chapter 24 - The Circle, it is important from the exam point of view. This chapter contains 19 exercises that carry a lot of questions to practice.

When you start solving the questions of this chapter, you will get to solve the equation of any circle whose center and radius are given. However, some typical questions are there in this chapter for which you would require help from the teachers. Thus to help you save your time in discussions with the teacher, eCareerPoint has made available the solutions of RD Sharma class 11 Maths, chapter 24 - the circle. This will help you to solve your doubts on your own and enhance your confidence. These solutions are according to the latest edition of the textbook. Hence, they are up to date as per the current syllabus of the CBSE Board. You can download the solutions of chapter 24 in PDF format easily, from the links mentioned below.

In chapter 24 – The Circle, there are a total of three exercises, and you can find the solutions for all the exercises from this page. Some of the main concepts that are there in this chapter include the Standard equation of a circle, Some particular cases, General equations of a circle, and the Diameter form of a circle.

RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions

RD Sharma Solutions of Chapter 24 – The Circle