RD Sharma Solutions of Chapter 29 - Limits

RD Sharma Solution of Class 11 Maths

Chapter 29 of Class 11 RD Sharma book of Maths contains a variety of questions on the concepts of limits and how it is derived. If you find the questions of this chapter to be difficult then you can use the solutions of Chapter 29, Class 11 RD Sharma Maths available on eCareerPoint.

These solutions have been developed by the expert teachers of Kota Coaching. They have explained each question of all eleven exercises contained in chapter 29. Some of the important topics and sub-topics covered in this chapter are:-

  1. Informal approach to limit.
  2. Evaluation of left hand and right-hand limits.
  3. Difference between the value of a function at a point and the limit at that point.
  4. The algebra of limits.
  5. Indeterminate forms and evaluation of limits.Evaluation of algebraic limits.
  6. Direct substitution method.
  7. Factorization method.
  8. Rationalization method.
  9. Evaluation of algebraic limits by using some standard limits.
  10. Method of evaluation of algebraic limits at infinity.
  11. Evaluation of trigonometric limits.
  12. Evaluation of trigonometric limits when the variable tends to zero.
  13. Evaluation of trigonometric limits when variables tend to a non-zero quantity.
  14. Evaluation of trigonometric limits by factorization.
  15. Evaluation of exponential and logarithmic limits.




The solutions of chapter 29 available on this page are in PDF format. This format of solutions can be used in offline mode, given that the students download it beforehand. These solutions have answers and explanations in the simplest way easily understandable by the students of every level.

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RD Sharma Solutions of Chapter 29 - Limits