RD Sharma Solutions of Chapter 32 – Statistics, Exercise 32.7

RD Sharma Class 11 Solution Chapter 32: Statistics Exercise 32.7

Solutions of exercise 32.7 of RD Sharma class 11 Maths contain answers to the questions that introduce students on how to use various measures of dispersion to compare two or more series. The solutions to this exercise are available here and include detailed and stepwise answers. This format of the answer is important from the board examination point of view. It will allow the students of class 11 to understand the evaluation pattern of the board exams. It will help them a lot to understand the scheme of step marking and prepare for the boards accordingly. On the other hand, the students will get to learn how to solve the problems in a limited time. This aspect of the RD Sharma solutions available on the eCareerPoint will help the candidates who are preparing for the entrance exams like NEET or JEE. 

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RD Sharma Solutions of Chapter 32 – Statistics, Exercise 32.7