CP SAT Scholarship & Admission Test Class XII PCM

All India Rank | Scholarship Upto 90% | Medal & Certificate | Performance Analysis
  • 23-12-2020:25-01-2021
  • 50/-   25/-

Career Point Scholarship & Admission Test
[For class XIIth PCM Students]

About CP SAT

  • CP SAT is Career Point’s Scholarship & Admission Test for the session 2021-22. 
  • This exam identifies the academic potential of students to provide them scholarship on the basis of their performance upto 90% for various classroom (offline & online), elearning and other distance learning programmes.


  • Upto 90% Scholarship to students for Online, Offline, DLP – Study Material & Test Series & Other E-learning courses based on performance.
  • More than 20,000 students will be offered scholarships based on their performance in the exam.

Exam Fee: No Registration Fee till 5th Jan, after 5th Jan Rs 50 - Rs 25 will be charged as exam fee. 

Exam Details: 

  • Mode of Exam: Online
  • Exam Pattern: MCQ
  • No of Questions: 50 Questions (Physics : 16, Chemistry : 16 & Maths : 18)
  • Syllabus: Current / Previous class
  • Marking Scheme: Correct Answer +4 & Wrong Answer -1
  • Duration: 1 hour

Test Syllabus:

Subject Syllabus
Physics Electrostatics, Gauss's Law, Capacitance, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current, Electro Magnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Ray Optics, Atomic Structure, Nuclear Physics & Radioactivity, Photoelectric Effect, Matter Waves, X-Rays
Chemistry Chemical Kinetics, Electro Chemistry, Solid State, Solutions, General Organic Chemistry, Isomerism, Hydrocarbons, Aromatic Chemistry, Halogen Derivatives, Alcohol, Ether & Phenol, Carbonyl Compounds, Carboxylic Acid & Its Derivatives, P- Block Elements, D-F Block Elements, Co-Ordination Compound, Metallurgy
Mathematics Permutation& Combination, Function, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Limit, Continuity, Differentiation, Tangent & Normal, Monotonicity, Maxima & Minima, Indefinite Integration, Definite Integration, Area under the curve, Differential Equation, Probability, Determinants, Matrices, Vector, 3D

Exam Date: 10th Jan & 24th Jan 2020 (Student can choose any one exam date as per convenience)

Time: 05:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m.

For more details, mail us at support@cpil.in