Online Course for XII + JEE 2021 (Phase 2)

Classes from 21st May | Mix Language | Fee Plan: Monthly & Annual
  • 629
  • 104
  • 24
  • 30 Days
  • 7500/-   4999/-

XII + JEE 2021 (Phase 2)

A. Course Duration: Till Final Exam 2021. The syllabus shall be completed by Dec 2020. After this Revision Classes, Revision & Major Test Series etc will continue till final exam. 

B. Class Commencement:  22nd May 2020. Those who join late will get all previous classes in recorded form.     

C. Course Fee

  • Monthly Installment : Rs 7500/- Rs 4999/- per month
  • Lumpsum: Rs 67500/-   Rs 40000/- (Offer valid till 30th August 2020. To make lumpsum payment call 8824907193)
  • In case, later you join classroom course at any centre of Career Point then this fee will be adjusted.
  • For demo Lectures, please visit Video Section. 

D. About Course:

1. Eligibility: Class XI to XII moving stduents

2. Medium of Coaching: Mix (English & Hindi). Recommonded for those stduents who write exam in English & comfortable in Hindi. 

3. Methdology & Features: Same as Kota Coaching system with advance features to make coaching personalised & result oriented. Few features are -   

  • Faculty guided Live/Recorded lectures as per the schedule
  • Live chat during lectures  
  • Class Notes in PDF
  • Lecture Wise Daily Practice Problem Sheet with text & video solutions
  • Exercise Sheet in pdf format with solutions
  • Live class for Doubt discussion of Exercise sheets
  • Access to exclusive Telegram group for doubt discussion among students 
  • Live fortnightly/weekly open session
  • Test Series 
    • Chapter Wise Test Series
    • Revision Tests 
    • Full syllabus Tests
  • Recorded lecture available for anytime revision with flexibility to bookmark, multi-speed play etc.
  • Live Motivational, Guidance Session, Individual Mentoring, Parent-Teacher meet etc
  • Dedicated Academic support manager for individual attention & counselling etc.

E. Late Joining: Those who join late will get all earlier video lectures, DPPS and Exercise sheet etc. 

Help Line Call : 88249 07193 |