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Heat and Thermodynamics Video Lecture for JEE (Main + Adv.)

By Pramod Maheshwari Sir

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Course Introduction

Heat and Thermodynamics for JEE (Main + Adv)
by Physics Guru PM Sir 
Classic Lecture Series 

Physics Classic Lecture Series consists of power packed physics lectures by PM Sir. These lectures were recorded almost 7 years ago but still highly preffered by serious aspirants. In these lectures, PM Sir has explained each article in a very simple language from grass root level to advanced level with a strong focus to build strong fundamnetal base which is essential to master physics. Not only aspirants but many educator acorss the nation use these lectures to learn Physics.

This Lecture Series consists of Video Lectures of the following Chapters -

  1. Calorimetry (3 Video Lectures)
  2. Thermal Expansion of Solids & Liquids (4 Video Lectures)
  3. KTG (3 Video Lectures)
  4. Thermodynamics (5 Video Lectures)
  5. Heat Transfer (6 Video Lectures)
About Pramod Maheshwari (PM) Sir
B.Tech, IIT Delhi
Exp: 27 years, Physics
PM Sir is one of the renowned Physics Maestros of India. He is one of the pioneers of Kota's Coaching System. Being an IIT-Delhi alumnus and a passionate teacher, he is amongst very few Physics teachers of India who made Physics an interesting subject for all aspirants. His teaching style gradually enhances the students level from very basic to advanced level in a very simple manner. Being a meritorious student since his school days, he secured 6th merit in class XII, RBSE along with 100% marks in Maths & Physics. He secured 18th Rank in RPET, got selected for BITS Pilani & IIT JEE. 

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