Organic Chemistry Micro Course for JEE Main + Advanced

Video Lectures | Lecture Notes | DPPs | Exercise Sheet | Chapter Test

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Course Introduction

Organic Chemistry for JEE (Micro Course)
By Kota's Best Faculty Members

Course Content: 

  1. Video Lectures of all Organic Chemistry Chapters
  2. Lecture Notes Pdf for each Lecture
  3. Lecture Wise DPPs of all Chapters
  4. Exercise Sheet in PDF form with solutions
  5. Chapter Wise Test

Organic Chemstry consists of Video Lectures of the following Chapters:

  1. IUPAC and Nomenclature
  2. Isomerism
  3. GOC
  4. Hydrocarbon
  5. Aromatic Compound
  6. Halogen Derivative
  7. Alcohol, Phenol, Ether
  8. Carbonyl Compound
  9. Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives
  10. Nitrogen Containing Compound
  11. Polymers & Biomolecules
  12. POC (Purification of Organic Compound)
  13. Chemistry in Everyday Life

Course Mode: Online (self paced). Internet required. 

Course Validity: 30 days

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