Revision Course for Class 10th Board

Science | Maths | SST | English | Hindi[CODE B]

Rs. 299 Rs. 7500

Course Introduction

Revision Course
Class 10th Board 2023

A. Course Duration: Till 2023 Board Exam

B. Course Fee: Rs 7500 - Rs 299

C. About Course:

1. Eligibility: For CBSE Class 10th Board 2023 Students

2. Subject Covered: Science (Physics, Chemisyry, Biology), Maths, SST, English, Hindi[CODE B]

3. Target Exam: 10th Board 2023 Exam

4. Medium of Coaching: Mix (English & Hindi). Recommonded for those stduents who write exam in English & comfortable in Hindi. 

5. Features:    

  • Recorded Lecture by Top Faculty Members  
  • Lecture Notes PDF for each Lecture
  • Board Pattern Exercise Sheets with solutions (pdf) - Lecture wise
  • Board Pattern Test with solutions (pdf) - Chapter wise

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