HC Verma Solution For Chapter 36, Class 12 – Permanent Magnets

Oct 08, 2020 - 20:30

HC Verma Class 11 Solution Chapter 36: Permanent Magnets

Solution for chapter 36 from HC Verma volume 2 is prepared by the expert teachers in career point Kota. The solution is solved stepwise and by using a very easy explanation. You can find the chapter-wise solution in the links provided below. The chapter permanent magnets is an application of magnetism and has a much weightage in competitive exams like JEE.  

Well, Practiced students can score good marks in exams, as he/she has achieved a good command over the concepts and formulas. Hence you can also learn the concept used in the questions and practice well. These solutions can help you to solve a question in less time and accurately too. This chapter will introduce you to the topics Neutral Point, Magnetic Scalar Potential, Terrestrial Magnetism, Galvanometer, Shunt, etc., and to the important questions as well. The provided solution is focused on developing a sense of comfort while solving the questions.

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