HC Verma Solution of Class 12, Chapter 24 - Kinetic Theory of Gases

Oct 07, 2020 - 20:36

HC Verma Class 11 Solution Chapter 24: Kinetic Theory of Gases

Kinetic Theory of Gases is one of the important chapters in physics that contains the important questions that appear in JEE Exam. Hence, students are advised to get familiar with the questions and concepts that are frequently used. Thus, Solutions of HC Verma Chapter 24 - Kinetic Theory of Gases are available on eCareerPoint. These solutions are an outcome of the experience, which Experts have gained over the years. It is important to know that the kinetic theory was established in the 19th century by Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann and British scientist James C Maxwell. It helps to study the microscopic behavior of the molecules and their interaction.

You will further get to learn about the different properties of gases, like thermal conductivity, volume, viscosity, temperature, humidity, vapor, evaporation, and pressure. These topics contain important numerical and concepts that are needed to be learned by the aspirants. These solutions are prepared by the physics faculty at career point Kota. And contains Solutions of NCERT and the questions that are important for JEE Exam. You can download it from the links mentioned below.

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