NCERT Solutions of Chapter 11–Constructions

Maths NCERT Class 10 Chapter-11 Constructions

Download NCERT Solutions for chapter 10 Construction of Maths, prepared by expert gurus from eCareerPoint. These solutions are prepared by experts who are having years of experience in the education industry. Thus these solutions are made by keeping in mind the level of students. This will help them understand all the concepts better.

Moreover, it is important to grasp logic and concepts to score well in the exams. This chapter is very scoring if a student will practice thoroughly. This chapter consists of geometry and has a weightage of 15 marks. In this chapter, we will learn all about the construction of line segments, the division of a Line Segment and how to do the construction of a Circle, how tangents to a circle can be constructed by using analytical methods. These solutions are explained in detail and explain every logic behind the questions. Moreover these solutions are not only helpful for homework routine but are best for preparing for the competitions like NTSE Therefore, downloading our solution will help you score better marks. Download your solutions from below-

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NCERT Solutions of Chapter 11–Constructions