NCERT Solutions of Chapter 13–Hydrocarbon

Class 11 Chemsitry NCERT Solutions of Chapter 13 – Hydrocarbons

Class 12th Chemsitry NCERT solutions of chapter 13 that is Hydrocarbon, can be your important tool to score in organic chemistry. NCERT Class 11 hydrocarbons explains about alkanes, preparation of alkanes from unsaturated hydrocarbons. Also, from alkyl halides, from carboxylic acids. You will also have the physical and chemical properties of alkanes. Moreover, we will study about the nomenclature of alkanes and their isomerism in detail. All the questions are solved from the examination point of view. Plus these NCERT solutions cover detailed explanations of all the topics so students can understand in better ways. Solving these Class 11th NCERT questions will help you get you a stronger base for all the other competitive examinations as well. These questions also consisted of MCQ’s and worksheets that will help students to practice significant questions as well. So access is readily available from below.

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