NCERT Solutions of chapter-4 Planning

NCERT Solutions of Business Studies Chapter 4 – Planning

Download free pdf solutions of Class 12 chapter-4 Planning of business studies for better performance in your boards. This chapter discusses the importance of planning in organizations and businesses. Also, how planning is important to have clarity in achieving business goals and objectives. The lack of planning and coordination in organizations proves to inefficient. Therefore it is essential to study this chapter, to perform better in class examinations of business studies. These solutions are highly reliable and efficient for the preparation of class 4 boards. Download your solutions for this chapter from the links provided below.


In planning we learn about organisational strategies to achieve buisness goals. Business atudies covers lot of theory therefore it is essential for students to thorough the chapters nicely, These chapter 4 business studies class 12, will help you solve different case studies and examples from this chapter that will help you gain better understanding towards the concepts. Also, these solutions are designed by the expert teachers of Kota, which makes it the first choice for the students. The solutions are are written according to the NCERT guidlines. Therefore, these solutions are not only meant to cover your fundamnetals but also helps you to study business studies from business studies from broaded perspective. Download your solutions from eCareerPoint from below-


Download Free PDF - Chapter - 4 Planning

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NCERT Solutions of chapter-4 Planning