NCERT Solutions of Chapter-5 Coal and Petroleum

NCERT Solutions of Class 8 Science Chapter 5 – Coal and Petroleum

To avail the benefit of Class 8 NCERT Solutions for Science of chapter 5- Coal and Petroleum download from eCareerPoint. As we know that natural resources are getting exhausted at a rapid rate. In this chapter, we will study about nature that is available to mankind and how we can protect those resources. We will study types of natural resources like natural gases, coal, tar, petroleum, fossil fuels etc. in detail. Also, how we can make judicious use of these resources for future generations to come.  

All the exercises are answered completely with their long and short answers, MCQs and fill-ups, etc. These solutions are provided by expert academicians of eCareerPoint so they can become easy for students to understand. These solutions aim to help students so that they can revise their syllabus without any hassle.
As these solutions are highly reliable and accurate, solving them thoroughy will help you revise concepts and grab a solid command over the fundamentals. Moreover, these solutions are in absolute accordance to latest NCERT pattern and curriculum.Download your free pdf solutions from below-

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Coal and Petroleum - Chapter 5:Download

NCERT Solutions of Chapter-5 Coal and Petroleum