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NCERT Solutions of Chapter 1– Number System

NCERT Class 9 Maths Book Chapter-1 Solutions- ch 1 Number System

Class 9 NCERT Solutions of Maths for chapter 1 are the best tool to prepare for your class 9 exams from eCareerPoint. If you are the one who is going to pursue mathematics as your future subject then the number system is important for you. This chapter explains how to represent the various numbers- whole numbers, integers, prime numbers. The two important topics that this chapter cover are irrational and real numbers. Representation of these numbers on the number line, operations on real numbers etc.   

These NCERT Solutions are explained in a stepwise manner for a better understanding of students. As, these solutions are made by the finest faculties of Kota Coaching, these solutions are accurate, authentic and realible resource of studies. Furthermore, these solutions arein absolute in accordance with latest NCERT pattern. This can help you in getting you homework done quickly.  Moreover, these solutions are prepared in such a way that they use simple language. These solutions focus on guidelines and cover all the questions that are covered in the textbook. 

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NCERT Solutions of Chapter 1– Number System