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Dear CPians, 

We celebrate the success of our students and give them cash rewards. For this purpose, we need your JEE Main 2023 details for the January attempt so that we can compile the result.  Hence we request you to please fill the form below. All the best!

To submit your JEE Main 2023 details, please Click here

Reward for success to CPians: 

Career Point Scholar Award & Cash Scholarship to Successful CPians
All India Rank in JEE (Main) - General Category
All India Rank Cash Reward (Rs.)
1st 2,00,000/-
2nd 1,50,000/-
3rd 1,00,000/-
4th - 10th 50,000/- each
11th - 100th 25,000/- each
101th - 1000th 5000/- each
1001th - 10,000th CP Scholar

1. All CP Students (Offline, Online, Distance learning) are eligible for this reward.
2. To be eligible, enrolled students must submit their roll number, copy of admit card and photograph before result declaration.

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